Phenomenon Gold Tassel Earrings

Materials: 24k Gold Plated Brass | oxidized base (nickel free)

Origin: Israel

Method: Handmade

Length: 4.59 inches

Width: 0.39 inches

Base size: 17mm / 0.66 inches

Tassels length: 10cm / 3.93 inches


Introducing “Phenomenon” – This jewelry collection by “SAGIA” is inspired by the raw power of tribal and ethnic designs fused with a modern edge.

These earrings epitomize this fusion, featuring meticulously crafted elements and oxidized accents for an edgy allure.

Each pair is a testament to boldness and sophistication, designed to make a statement effortlessly.

Lightweight and easy to wear, these earrings exude confidence and style.

Elevate any ensemble with these standout pieces, showcasing your individuality and flair for the extraordinary.

These Gold tassel earrings are made from 24k gold plated brass.

Pair them with the Phenomenon Labradorite Ring.

In our featured images, the model showcases the Earrings paired with our Temple Haltar dress.

For a striking statement ensemble,  the earrings can also be paired with the Phenomenon cuff Bracelet, the Waterfall Gold Tassel Necklace, and a bold block-printed Ebaya Kaftan by Alekai.