Waterfall Gold Tassel Necklace

Available styles: Lava stone chain or 24k gold plated brass chain

Materials: 24k gold plated brass with lava stone pendant

Dimensions: 44 cm Short Chain | 74 cm Long lava stone chain

construction: Handmade

Origin: Isreal



Introducing the essence of natural beauty and feminine power from our “Waterfall” jewelry collection: the Elemental Necklace. Inspired by the harmonious balance of nature’s four elements, this necklace embodies grace and elegance.

Crafted from 24k gold plated brass adorned with lava stone, each piece is a celebration of the Earth’s raw beauty. The juxtaposition of luxurious gold and rugged lava stone creates a captivating allure that is both stylish and sophisticated.

Designed to accentuate a woman’s fullness and power, this necklace is a true standout statement piece. For those who prefer a more subtle touch, it can be made with a lava bead chain, offering a unique blend of earthy charm and timeless elegance.

Elevate your ensemble with the undeniable allure of the “Waterfall” collection, where nature’s beauty meets feminine strength in the most exquisite way.