Phenomenom Gold Arm Cuff | Small

Materials:  Blackened brass | Coated with 24 karat gold

Origin: Israel

Method: Handmade

Width: 15 mm / 0.59 inches


Introducing the epitome of bold elegance from our “Phenomenon” jewelry collection: the Adjustable Open Cuff Bracelet. Designed for a woman whose presence commands attention and whose beauty exudes power, this bracelet is a true testament to strength and style.

Crafted from oxidized brass (nickel-free), each bracelet features deliberate oxidized accents, adding an edgy allure to its tribal and ethnic-inspired design. The adjustable open cuff ensures a perfect fit, while its stylish and sophisticated look makes it a true standout statement piece.

Elevate your ensemble with the undeniable allure of the “Phenomenon” collection, where tradition meets modernity in the most captivating way. Let your inner strength shine through with this remarkable accessory, designed for women who refuse to be ignored.

In our featured images, the model showcases the Phenomenon Gold Cuff Bracelet paired with our Temple Haltar dress. For a striking statement ensemble, she also wears the Phenomenon Gold Tassel Earrings with a bold block printed Ebaya Kaftan by Alekai.