Temple Lumbar Pillow | Natural Base with Gold

100% handmade wool pillow

Origin: Handwoven by the Zapotec weavers of Mexico

Dimension: Lumbar | 30 x 50 cm

Colors: Natural base with gold


Inspired by the Mayan temples, this cushion is an ode to the ancient Mexican cultures and their arts.

The temple lumbar pillow is the only decorative cushion you need. With one cushion you can create a sophisticated statement that will bring the whole room together.

Handwoven from locally sourced sheep’s wool, this loom-woven cushion is durable and will last the test of time.

Nakawe cushions are 100% handmade by our artisan partners in Oaxaca, Mexico. Partnerships based on communication, transparency, and mutual respect have allowed us to produce ethically made and fairly traded products.

Custom Made Orders: We love Happy customers. Please contact us if you have a specific color palette in mind.