Gold Lava Necklace

Materials: 24k gold plated brass sticks with Lava stone beads

Origin: Israel

Method: Handmade

Necklace Length: 17.5 inches


The Gold Lava Necklace from the Sagia Jewelry collection is an extraordinary piece inspired by tribal art and culture. As one of the most powerful and impressive items in the collection, it exudes both elegance and boldness. Handmade from lava stones and 24k gold-plated brass sticks, this necklace is a unique masterpiece.

Its big presence makes it a personal fashion statement, perfect for those who want to stand out. Despite its substantial look, it’s surprisingly light and comfortable to wear, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without any discomfort. Ideal for a night out, this necklace adds that special effect to any outfit, turning heads and sparking conversations. If you’re seeking a piece that combines cultural richness with contemporary style, the Gold Lava Necklace is an exceptional choice.

Pair it effortlessly with the Sumerian Earrings and the Phenomenon Gold Cuff Bracelet.

For a striking statement ensemble, she also wears the Necklace with a bold block printed Ebaya Kaftan by Alekai or our Maya Maxi Dress.