Wrap Dress Embroidered Cotton

Handmade Using 100% Organic Cotton

Construction: Hand stitched and embroidered

color: White

Origin: Chiapas, Mexico


A sophisticated timeless combination of ethnic and boho style. This white cotton dress is the perfect option for summer nights. Breathable, comfortable, and effortlessly beautiful.  No need to iron it as it doesn’t crease, the perfect dress for a weekend away or lounging at home.

Handmade by our artisan partners in Chiapas, Mexico.

We work with indigenous Mexican artisans to bring to you a thoughtful collection of 100% handmade products using fair trade practices.

These precious works of art are coming directly from small Mexican communities to you.

We have a strong commitment to ethically made and fairly traded products

By developing direct personal relationships with the artisans and their families, based on communication, transparency, and mutual respect we have established fair trading partnerships.

When you purchase our products you are supporting communities of Mexican artisans by empowering them to preserve their traditional art and cultural heritage.

We hope you love these gifts that these artisans have spent their life creating and perfecting.

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