Boho Woven Wall Hanging | Small

Handmade using 100% cotton

Styling: Wall hanging | window or door draping | curtains | room divider | wedding Altar decor

Dimensions: 180 cm x 40 cm

Color: Natural

Construction: Hand-knotted Cotton

Origin: Mexico


Create your dream boho living space with our woven cotton wall hangings and curtains.

These handmade woven wall hangings and curtains are as beautiful as they are versatile. They can be used to bring texture and creativity to any space. The Large size can be used as a wall hanging or hung over a small window or door frame for that perfect bohemian feel. It can also be used as a gentle room divider that creates privacy without closing off your space. For larger windows, we suggest buying two and hanging them side by side. Plaited curtain ties are included to pull the drape back and allow the light through.

Styling Tips:  You can hang it both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to get creative with your space. The curtain is designed to either be hung by a pole or by using nails directly into the wall. Please note that there are no loops, the pole is threaded through the threads of the curtain at the top. If you prefer loops then our boho macrame wall hanging will be best for you.

You can also double the macrame curtains over for a fuller look, which then reduces the length, allowing you to hang it in a smaller space.

Cleaning: Use a soft-bristle brush or a feather duster to gently remove dust and dirt. (more macrame curtain/wall hanging cleaning tips here).

Boho Wedding Decor: Create your dream wedding altar with two of these whimsical cotton curtains. Side by side they create the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Custom orders: We love helping you find the perfect size for your space. Please contact us for custom orders.

Kelly Morgan

Absolutely love this piece! It arrived quickly and is so unique!


Absolutely love my purchase. Thanks for the lil gift too!

Mab McClung

Boho and perfectly long. Makes a nice wall hanging accent.