Black Clay Mezcal Vessel or Vase

Measurement: 13cm wide  x 19cm high

Beautiful black clay decorative vase or mezcal vessel

Handcrafted by our artisan partners in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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This black clay vase is one of our favorite pieces for its versatile design. It can be used decoratively with flowers or as a vessel for mezcal.

Also available as a gift set with 4 black clay mezcal cups and 1 large serving plate.

Please contact us for available cup and plate options as these are unique artisan pieces that are never the same.

The Process

Traditionally, the clay is molded by hand or on a potter’s wheel. After it is shaped, the pieces are set to dry for up to three weeks. If the intention of the artist is to obtain a sheen finish, the piece is then polished when it’s almost dry. The surface of the piece is lightly moistened and then rubbed with a curved quartz stone. This compacts the surface of the clay and creates a metallic sheen and dark color during firing.

The pieces are then fired in this above-ground kiln, using wood fires that heat the objects to extremely high temperatures.