Nakawe Tulum Boutique Opening - Thank You For Coming Nakawe Tulum Boutique Opening - Thank You For Coming

Nakawe Tulum Boutique Opening

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Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate the opening of our new store in Tulum ??

We were welcomed with so much enthusiasm and support. After many months of dedication to the new project, we are finally open. Success!

How do you perceive success?

For me, it’s a question of what was given and how it was received.

The opening of our new concept store in Tulum was an event envisioned and executed by our community as a collective.

To all our artisan partners in the small communities of México, I thank you for your dedication to the arts and cultural preservation.

A big shout out to @oveous for the music ? @simodesign85 from @tulumtreehouse for the mezcalitas ?@margaret.madeleine for capturing the energy that we created together. Most importantly to the creators, builders, and family of @paseolaxelva for all your support.

To my loved ones for believing in me and supporting my vision even when the challenges seemed too big to continue. I couldn’t have done this without you.

For those of you who don’t know us yet….

This project was born from a deep respect for the natural world, traditional art, and cultural diversity in all its expressions.

Nakawé Trading is a concept store based in Sayulita, Mexico, and Byron Australia. We work with indigenous Mexican artisans to bring to you a thoughtful collection of 100% handmade products using fair trade practices.

These precious works of art are coming directly from small Mexican communities to you. By developing direct personal relationships based on communication, transparency, and mutual respect,  we have established fair trading partnerships with the artisans and their families.

When you purchase our products you are supporting communities of Mexican artisans by empowering them to preserve their traditional art and cultural heritage.

We hope you love these gifts that these artisans have spent their life creating and perfecting.

We are NAKAWÉ,




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