Handmade Mexican Rugs

Nakawe rugs are traditional Zapotec designs,  re-imagined in a modern simplistic way.

Handwoven from locally sourced sheep’s wool, this flat-weave rug is incredibly durable, perfect for daily use in your home.

The process:

Each large rug takes more than a week to finish and everyone in the family is involved in the process. They begin by spinning the wool and collecting plants in the mountains for dyeing. When the children have collected enough wood to make the fire and boil the water, the coloring begins. The plants are boiled and then left to sit overnight. The next day they re-boil it and then they are ready to put in the natural colored wool. They leave the wool in the water for different periods of time depending on how strong they want to color to be. They are then hung out to dry in the sun to be ready for weaving.