Mexican Black Clay Dinner Plates Set of 4 | x-small

Construction: Handmade

Technique: Reduction techniques | Cooked at high temperatures

Material: Clay

Color: Natural clay finish with unique black tones

Dimensions: 10-12cm*

Please contact us if you would like to confirm exact color tones available

*handmade measurements may vary

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Enjoy serving meals at home with these unique, one-of-a-kind, black clay dinner plates.

Handmade by our artisan partners in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Each plate is made and polished by hand to create its unique color tones and shape.

The plates are cooked at very high temperatures in a traditional ground oven. When the plates are ready the artisans work very quickly to remove the pieces and then reduction techniques, coffee grains, and lots of semi-controlled smoke and flames are used to create artistic color variations. The different variations in black and clay tones depend on the amount of flames, the heat, and the oxygen levels that each piece is exposed to.

The weather also plays a very important part in the process. If the wind or rain picks up during the cooking process and the pieces are exposed to extreme weather changes, the entire batch could break. This is very common and another reason why each individual plate that arrives at your home is truly a gift with a beautiful story to tell.

Our Vision

We have a strong commitment to ethically made and fairly traded products.

By developing direct personal relationships based on communication, transparency, and mutual respect,  we have established fair trading partnerships with the artisans and their families.

When you purchase our products you are supporting communities of Mexican artisans by empowering them to preserve their traditional art and cultural heritage.

We hope you love these gifts that these artisans have spent their life creating and perfecting.

Please contact us for wholesale and industry enquires. We make large orders for weddings and events.

Please note this is a set of 4 xsmall sized plates. We also have multi-size sets available.