Karakami Kimono

Label: The White Raven

Design: lightweight kimono

Construction: handmade

Fabric: silk crepe

Color: rosewood

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The Kurakami kimono is a highly versatile addition to your wardrobe.

This timeless handwoven dress is made using natural dyeing techniques and traditional block printing techniques.

Limited edition, hand crafted artisan pieces.

Non mass produced philosophy.

Made from a high-quality, lightweight crepe silk

Worn with swimwear for the perfect holiday or beach look or

Pair with a slip dress for an elegant look.

Added to your shorts or denim for a casual chic look


  • dry clean (hang in soft sunlight or breeze to freshen)


  • Will drape more on a thinner frame
  • Will drape less on fuller frame
  • Length 141 cm from neckline to hemline
  • Back width 62cm
  • Full width span 140cm


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