Ceramic Natural Clay Carafe

Construction: Handmade

Technique: Traditional Ground Oven | High temperatures

Material: Clay

Color: Natural clay finish with unique black tones

Dimensions: 22 cm tall with a cup that fits on top

Please note, that due to the nature of handmade pottery, each piece is unique in tone and coloring.


The perfect minimalist water pitcher and cup for your counter top, or breakfast nook. Use it for drinking water, or get romantic and use it as a flower vase.

This rustic natural clay carafe is made by the artisan women of the Sierra Mixe in Oaxaca.

Handmade using ancient techniques that have been passed down through the generations.

The black spots that adorn its surface are the result of its burning, which is done at ground level, in a traditional way.

The Designs are simple, however don’t be fooled, the richness and expression of these pots is in the textures and unique colors born of the earth and fire.

No one wants an ancient tradition to vanish, but most do and more will. The Women of the Sierra Norte, Oaxaca,  are keeping this tradition alive.

With your support we can continue to preserve traditional art and culture.

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Please note, this set comes with one cup, please contact us if you would like to purchase additional cups.


These unique pieces of art tell stories of the earth and the women born into a world of discrimination.

50 years ago in the mountains of Oaxaca, women had no right to anything, being born a woman was synonymous with being a housewife and being guarded, with no right to study or vote or to participate politically. The women of the Sierra Norte took refuge in the clay, dedicating their lives to creating beautiful meaningful pieces of art, created from only the resources given to them by the earth. Today they see how they have created a better life for their children. Everyday while they work with the clay together they reaffirm each other that women are powerful.

“Modeling clay, that brown mass from mother earth, with only our skin, is something unpredictable, something with which we were born and gives us strength and courage, we have grown up watching our grandmothers make figures, that example is what motivates us to continue creating more from our family’s workshop, an independent space where life in equality is privileged.”

In pottery, the artisans have discovered their strength and value as powerful woman, thus overcoming the inequalities they have faced.

Together the women have maintained their ancestral tradition and have rescued the importance of traditional arts that are in great risk of being lost in the face of the so-called “development” that the industrial ceramic industry represents, where the mind is no longer applied or the heart.

Our Vision

We have a strong commitment to ethically made and fairly traded products.

By developing direct personal relationships based on communication, transparency, and mutual respect,  we have established fair trading partnerships with the artisans and their families.

When you purchase our products, you support communities of Mexican artisans by empowering them to preserve their traditional art and cultural heritage.

We hope you love these gifts that these artisans have spent their life creating and perfecting.