Amazonian Handmade Long Beaded Necklaces | Eagle

Color: Black + natural accents


Material: Plants materials collected by the tribes from the Amazon rainforest.

Construction: Handmade

Origin: Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

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Made by the Apurina tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, these necklaces are the “Original Jewelry” of the Amazon made from all plant materials.

The brown beads are called Injaya and are made from tree resin. The black beads are made from a palm wood called Tucum. The white beads are made from seeds of a small palm called Jarinha, also known as Vegetable Ivory. All these materials are found in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

To make these unique pieces out of these raw materials is an incredibly labor-intensive and time-consuming, hand-made process known only to the older generation of women.

Each purchase helps keep the ancient ancestral Amazonian traditions of craftsmanship alive by supporting the tribe through fairtrade practices and encourages the younger generation to keep their culture and heritage alive.