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Boho Minimalist Wedding: Decorating Tips

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Due to the unfavorable circumstance that the world is in, the majority of us are forced to stay at home and maintain social distancing. Some businesses closed their establishments while some are forced to serve the people, at less than half their capacity. The limited availability of products and services has forced us to become more creative with what’s accessible to use. Most of us resort to DIY projects.

Weddings are probably one of those momentous events that are heavily affected by the pandemic. Some may probably have decided to postpone the ceremony but there are others who’d rather have an elopement wedding.

Elopement weddings are perfect for couples who wanted to wed in a simplistic but elegant way. This type of wedding is suitable for today’s circumstances. You could basically say this is a DIY wedding — no need for expensive fees for third-party coordinators. One of the advantages of having to DIY your wedding is that you’ll get to keep the decorations. You can recreate the aesthetics at your own home.

If you and your partner want to have something minimal, natural, and beautiful at your wedding, here are some decorating tips for a boho minimalist wedding.

Altar & Lounge

Woven cotton curtains play an integral part in the overall aesthetics of a boho minimalist wedding. It takes the guesswork out of styling the altar and the lounge.

Curtains can add texture and creativity to any of the spaces that may be needing a little more of a boho vibe. It can also be perfect as a backdrop to the altar. This is an easy and effortless way to decorate your ceremony, as you only need a wooden a-frame and florals; the curtains will bring it all together.

The curtains can also be used to create the perfect chill zone for your guests. Remember, the lounge area is the place where everyone wants to take a memorable photo.

Cushions and rugs, apart from giving comfort to the couple (and guests), can also improve the overall look of the lounge. It is important to note that the color of the rugs, cushions, and curtains should complement each other. We have made styling effortless and fun by creating a textile collection that all works together. All of our cushions are intended to be paired with any of our accent rugs and cotton throws. And remember….. Less is more when it comes to the overall boho aesthetics of the wedding.


If you need any help with choosing the perfect boho curtains for your wedding, feel free to contact us. We have many standard sizes to choose from depending on the size of your space. If you have a special idea in mind, please contact us for custom made orders.

We also have an array of cushions and rugs and blankets to compliment the overall look of the altar and lounge.

Bride’s Accessories

You don’t need an expensive bouquet for your wedding. Look around and pick up flowers and leaves from your garden. Let them dry and make an arrangement with them. Always aim for simplicity but with elegance.


You can accentuate the boho look of the bride with boho jewelry. We have a wide selection of handmade beaded and bronze jewelry at our shop. Our earrings and necklaces are perfect for any outfit.



Get inspired….Get creative… Enjoy the Process… Don’t stress about organizing a big wedding.

Should you need more info and tips on how to create the perfect boho elopement wedding, feel free to contact us! We love helping brides design their dream weddings!

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