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Boho Minimalist Home Office Decorating Ideas

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In the last several months, the world took an unexpected turn with the emergence of a deadly virus. Everyone’s affected, no matter what race and social status you are in. Resilience and adaptation are essential in finding ways to survive the crisis. Thus, we have to embrace the new normal.

One norm that the majority is embracing during the pandemic is turning one’s home into an office. At Nakawe, we love to re-create spaces to make them work in a new way. Here are some decorating ideas on how to achieve a boho minimalist home office.


One of the main points to consider when it comes to minimalism is to choose one to three palettes of colors. It is highly recommended that these hues are complementary to each other. keep the space simple and spacious.  Less is more when it comes to boho minimalism.

Some of the popular color palettes in the boho minimalism realm are earthy and neutral tones.  The colors in these palettes are muted and less saturated.

Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame is often seen with the boho look. It is a textile formed through elaborate knotting of half hitches. Macrame knots usually come in natural colors like beige and ivory.

Macrame curtains are perfect to add texture and accent to a boring wall. They can also be the perfect room divider for a home office that’s lending part of the bedroom or living room.

Boho curtains can also be used as window blinds to maintain privacy without blocking all the natural light.

We have an array of Boho curtains at our store



If wallhangings adorn the walls, rugs are useful to beautify the floors. They are perfect to cover blemishes and cracks on the floor too.

Like the curtains, rugs are useful to create a textural feel. They bring the look together, creating the overall aesthetics of the space.

Check out our handmade Mexican rugs section and see a variety of colors and styles that will suit your aesthetics.


Today, we may be in a world of uncertainties. But one thing’s for sure, you have the control to beautify your home office, the way you want it.


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